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  • Claire Highton-Stevenson is a new author to the world of Lesbian Romance.
  • She grew up in London and subsequently now lives in West Sussex along with her wife and fur babies.  
  • Ambitiously, she tries to travel as much as possible. Maybe a lottery win would help with that! Surprisingly, Los Angeles is high on her list of places to visit. 
  • She worked for 16 years as a rapid response driver for the National Blood Service. 


  • Claire began writing just a few years ago and published her first novel, Out, in August 2017 . In November of the same year, she published the sequel, NEXT. 
  • OUT reached the heady heights of number three in the Amazon charts for Best Lesbian Fiction and Lesbian Romance.
  • Her third book,  A stand alone called The Promise, was published in March 2018

  • Claire is also an award winning photographer and loves to spend time with her camera out and about locally and on her travels.

  • She likes to paint and draw in her spare time too. 


Latest News

  • The Promise is now available.
  • Look out for book signing events that Claire will be attending...
  • Claire will be at Velvet Jacks in Brighton on the 21st April 1-3 for a Book Signing event!
  • Claire will be at the LGBT group in Lewisham on the 25th June.
  • Claire will be at Brighton Pride Aug 4th - Come find me!

  • Claire will be attending ELLcon in August - Come along and say hi!


The Promise 5.0 out of 5 stars Will make you cry, but you'll love it!

  •  THE PROMISE- I was lucky enough to get an advanced reader copy of this book. I was so impressed with the depth of the storyline and the way it took you along for an emotional ride. The first part is devastating, as you instantly feel the love and the strong bond between Ali and Susan, who are clearly soul mates, and yet you have to accept that Susan is going to die. I found myself feeling most distraught for Ali, who had built her life around this woman and now had to figure out how to go on without her. Their relationship is beautiful right to the end, even as horrible things are happening to them. When Part One ends, it feels like the book is over.
    But it's not. Ali now has to pick up the pieces and find a way to move forward, and she does, with difficulty. It's not the kind of story where someone dies and then a couple of chapters later, it feels like they were never there at all. You feel Susan's presence throughout the book, a reminder that the ones we love most are never really gone. That makes finding love again tricky for Ali, but fortunately Susan loved her enough to give her blessing for this, and the woman courting Ali is very patient and understanding. You never feel like Ali stops loving Susan, but just that she slowly learns how to live, and enjoy, the years remaining to her, just as Susan wanted her to do.
    Unless you're a very stoic reader, the book will make you cry over and over, and yet you'll still want to keep reading and will sing its praises to others. It's a much heavier book than the generally light-hearted Cam Thomas series, proving that Highton-Stevenson is capable of writing more than one type of romance, but as with the Cam Thomas books, the characters feel real and become your friends. 

OUT 5.0 out of 5 stars It was just perfect. Cam takes you on a journey from her ...

 OUT-I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

WOW!!!!!! Just Wow!!!! What a read. This had everything from angst, to romance, to cute fluff. It was just perfect.

Cam takes you on a journey from her heartbreak, to protecting herself, to letting herself love again. Michelle ‘Shelly’ Hamlin changes life for her, but has her own demons to deal with as an actress who hasn’t come out yet.

All they go through is so emotional, and the connection you can feel with both characters is strong. Your heart will break for both of them, hate their stubbornness at times, and just love them. It’s impossible not to! I want a Cam! Where can you get one?

Just brilliant! I would highly recommend this to anyone as a read that you won’t forget, and you will want a Cam, I can guarantee it! Can’t wait to read the next title in this series! 

OUT 5.0 out of 5 stars A Lucky Find

  • OUT- This is another book recommendation I got from a book chat. I am loving those since it is helping find amazing books like this. Cam is a main character that you really want to see everything work out for because she is just authentic. Of course some things are not realistic but it is fiction and I guess some people get that lucky. The relationship,although it is the soul mate thing, develops nicely. They even have road bumps(or more like potholes into Narnia). This is where the secondary characters come in to help fix things. I like that the secondary characters are not fluff but played a role is directing the plot but aren't overbearing. I definately will read more in this series. It is binge worthy. 

OUT 5.0 out of 5 stars An emotional rollercoaster

  •  OUT- What a roller coaster of a book and well written too. I won't tell the story, except that it features a fair amount of betrayal and angst but like all good romances it has a happy ending. The author has left it hanging with a specimen chapter from the sequel which is fine by me. The romance is steamy but certainly not over the top and, as a good example of lesfic, it was a refreshing change from the usual m/f billionaire romance. 

The Promise 5.0 out of 5 stars. Do yourself a favour and read this book.

 If there were a higher rating than 5 stars this book would get it. Claire has written an amazingly though provoking, emotionally charged novel that deserves more than 5 stars! This one is right up there with romantic classics such as The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks and deserves serious recognition. You will likely cry as you read this book...but this deals with a subject that we all too often do not ever address or see do you lose your partner-how do you let yourself get swollowed up in your grief-and furthermore how do you heal and learn to move on carrying your loved one with you while still living without that person. I can't say anymore than wonderful things about this book. Just read it! You will not be disappointed. I loved the Cam Thomas duo, but this one-this one really made its way into my heart! Bravo CHS! 

NEXT 5.0 out of 5 stars Not disappointed!

  •  A fantastic sequel to Out. I always worry about sequels being anticlimactic however, with unexpected twists plus great characters, I wasn’t disappointed! I can’t wait for the next instalment! 

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