Silence is golden…or not?

I have had four weeks out of the office. Three while I recovered from and op an this last one because of a car accident.

So, getting back into the swing of things was vital…I dragged myself and the laptop off the couch, made a cup of coffee in my special thermos mug for authors and, followed by the cat, I trundled off down the garden to my office. Most people would call it a shed: a summerhouse maybe, but for me its the office and my desk sits proudly waiting for me.

I hit the lights and flicked the switch on the heater and got myself comfy. Laptop open and at the ready. The cat however, had other ideas and having stomped all over my desk with wet and muddy paws, she then proceeded to climb all over me. Now, she’s not a small cat, there is nothing sleek about Tumble! When she sits on you that’s it! You can’t move… but she’s loving and nudging my face with her head, so who can ignore that?!

I guess the time gave me a moment to consider where I was taking my characters and how I was going to move the plot along, so I should be grateful. I was inspired for a while…until I became bored with just sitting there. I’m not somebody that doesn’t enjoy just lying around doing sod all: in fact, I’m an expert, but that’s on my terms not Tumbles!

So, I instructed Google to play some music…Christmas tunes filled the air and at that point Tumble decided she would rather sleep in the vacant dogs bed.

Yay, I had my arms free once more. I pulled the laptop closer and got my fingers ready to type and … nothing, all I had in my head was Mariah Carey singing about how all she wanted for Christmas was me!!

It appears I can’t work to music…it brings out the singer in me and after a quick warble, Google was instructed to stop.

She’s pretty good that Google though, very helpful with spellings and Synonyms 😉 20150728_072901120_iOS

Published by itsclastevofficial

Award-winning romance author of contemporary romance in a women loving women scenario. Photographer, podcaster, Liverpool FC fanatic.

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