Free read… worth a review?

feedback-2800867__340Kindle Unlimited seems too good to be true doesn’t it? and yet, it is that brilliant… pay a small fee monthly and read as many books as you want.

Both of my books are available to members. At first I was a little unsure, it doesn’t pay as well as when someone actually buys the book, but…. I think if the reader leaves a review, tells their friends or even says hello, I liked your book… then I can live with it.

However, that doesn’t tend to happen often… I worked it out that the equivalent of over 1300 books have been read on KU.. and I gave away 200 in a free book promotion and yet… I barely received a further review or a hello.

My friend and fellow author, Jandra Sutton posted a great tweet on twitter yesterday, that I think sums it all up, and it said this:

How to Support Authors Without Spending Any Money:

– Review the book on Amazon
– Review the book…anywhere
– Follow them on social media
– Post about the book online
– Tell a friend (or 20) about the book
– Say hi
– Ask your local library to add the book to their collection.

You can follow  Jandra Sutton Twitter or myself Itsclastevofficial – Twitter

If what we write is your thing, then please support us… if you have a favourite writer, please tell them! Get the word out, so that we can keep in writing and telling the stories you love to read.


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Award-winning romance author of contemporary romance in a women loving women scenario. Photographer, podcaster, Liverpool FC fanatic.

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