Fireworks and Morons…

purple red white and orange fireworks display
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Do they go hand in hand? I mean, I am no spoilsport… In fact, I love a good firework display… the excitement of the scream as it whooshes into the air, explodes and finally announces itself in an array of colours bursting into the night sky…It’s beautiful.

There is nothing more fun than a night out with your friends, wrapped up against the cold with scarves and woolly hats. All snuggled together to keep warm while drinking hot chocolate. Its great right? The huge bonfire, the tradition and history of Guy Fawkes!! WHO DOESNT LOVE FIREWORK NIGHT!!?

But its not is it.. its no longer firework NIGHT!! Its no longer safe professional displays that provide the entertainment for one night… no, any idiot can get their hands on them. Anyone with more money than sense can wander into a shop and buy them… and they can let them off anytime they want to, anywhere they want to. For two weeks every year, we are all tortured by the unexpected bangs and explosions outside our homes. Our pets are terrified, our elderly are on the edge of their seats.

Isn’t it time, in an age where there are people making bombs and trying to hurt people, that we stop this right now. That only professional firework displays are allowed to use them? doesn’t that make sense!!

If you’re in the UK… Sign the petition!!

Ban the use of Fireworks Outside of Displays

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