Diva Music Fest 18

So, I had the chance to attend the first Diva Music Festival! 

Started by Heather Peace. Yes, that Heather Peace… She of Lesbian folklore and the only woman I know with her own Community! Along with support from Linda Riley and the Diva team, they got together with a whole heap of female talent and produced what will surely be the first of many festivals to come. 

At 45 years of age, I am not someone that can boast a proud history of attending music festivals. I have watched over the years as my friends and peers have gone off and experienced various events… pitched tents, wore wellies and generally coming home smelling worse than a backed up sewer in summer.. and not once have I thought… Ooo that would be fun! 

No, festivals were not for me! I don’t do camping… I don’t blow up beds and sleep with ants… I can see nothing about a mud invested field as appealing… and that is where DMF18 was different! We had beds, a tv and a fridge for all that Gin and Prosseco. Because, not only did HP and Diva pull off a fantastically entertaining event, they got us caravans! 

Every weekend when I was a kid, was spent in a caravan. This weekend at the Vauxhall Holiday Park in Great Yarmouth was like a trip down memory lane for me and reminded me just how much I love a caravan holiday.

We arrived on Friday, late into the afternoon. It didn’t take long to get  our keys and poodle around in the car to van 306, dump our stuff and walk down to the arena. Of course, I should mention at this point that I have a broken ankle and my foot is in a boot!

The running order for the evening was pretty good. Though, I will admit, I’m not really up on my lesbian singers. As a writer, I rarely have music on as it makes me want to start singing, and that’s just unhelpful when trying to write sex scenes! 

So, we were entertained by Lots Holloway, and I am gonna be honest… I’m not sure who came next as the times and running order was a little all over the place. But, it didn’t matter. There was music and singing and gin at the bar!

Lesfic Authors Kiki Archer and Jade Winters were also in attendance and had created a small gang of ner’do wells that emptied the house of Sambuca! And this was just the first night!(That’s another story #apology #Kiki) But it was great fun and another chance for me to hang out with two of the best Lesfic authors we have!

When Heather finally arrived on the stage, I was almost expecting underwear to fly up and over the top of the waiting hoards. (She’s pretty popular!!) The HPC (Heather Peace Community) was in top voice and spirits!! 

Now, I am not sure what 2 hours with Heather, big band and guests were supposed to mean…but it didn’t quite turn out how I assumed it would. HP gave it some welly with three big tunes but then she was gone and the band played on… Vashi appeared on stage and gave us three songs before Woop Woop, Heather was back and accompanied by Lots for How do you like ya eggs in the morning? Well, if you have the breakfast buffet onsite, I can tell you it will be fried! A couple more songs and HP was gone… her adorning fans left wanting more…

By now, the Archer-Winters entertainment bar sports was well established and gaining more members by the minute, and at one point I was led by KA to the dancefloor (remember the foot?) Apparently, according to Kiki, you can dance with just ya arms! Yeah, I am not so sure that’s true… haha

For me though, it had been a long day and drive up from Sussex, so, like Cinders, when Midnight struck I hopped it to bed… and very comfortable it was too!

I’ll share Saturdays fun with you all tomorrow!! 

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Award-winning romance author of contemporary romance in a women loving women scenario. Photographer, podcaster, Liverpool FC fanatic.

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