British slang is quite funny!

I found this great video on YouTube where Rachel Weisz teaches Emma Stone all about British slang. Some of the words are hilarious when you actually stop to think and explain them to someone, and yet they seem perfectly normal when we say them. However, I took issue with a couple. Faffing in my world means wasting time, doing stuff that doesn’t matter that then delays something else, as well as Rachel’s version. I would say, Stop faffing about!

Bobs ya uncle – Its all okay. Example: Put A into B and Bobs ya uncle, its fixed. Its often followed up with Fanny’s ya aunt, but I have no idea where that bit comes from or why its added… Anyone? Love to know!

Cheap as chips is definitely British slang too. A chip dinner used to be cheap.. therefore, if something was cheap… its cheap as chips!.

And to be fair, I’m too old to have ever heard anyone use the term Dench! But I am all for it if its in recognition of the Dame, Judy!

So, what funny sayings have you heard of? Do other countries have similar sayings?

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