That twisted knife of self-doubt…

What is it about doubt? As a writer, actually I am going to assume anyone, but especially in the artistic field, we have this doubt that is always creeping in.

I write my books with the full understanding that not everyone that reads them will love them. There will always be someone that just didn’t get it and that’s fine, right? Hmm, yes… but no!

Logically, of course, it’s fine. Logically, I think, who cares. Its just one person’s opinion, right? But here’s the thing that I never knew existed before I embarked on a writing career, that one person’s opinion becomes the only opinion!

Like, you can have 50 reviews all stating how much they enjoyed the book. The characters were like real people and they felt like they were right there with them… but none of that matters anymore, because you have one person’s opinion staring you in the face. Telling you how you failed to deliver. Using your own words to twist that knife of self-doubt. Making you really consider whether or not to bother finishing this next book that your 50 thousand words invested in. Damn it, half the time you consider pulling them all from the shelf.

And the thing is, they never meant for you to feel that way. Did they? But it’s that honest appraisal that we focus on…

So what can we do? What can we change that makes us stop doubting and just go on…Because 50 other opinions loved what you wrote!!

I always go and read another author’s reviews. Pick any successful author in any genre you like and find their best selling book. That one book you loved so much that you left a review! Find it, read the reviews for it and I can guarantee you… they got a shitty review on it. That brilliant book that left you feeling like you’d just read something wonderful, that left an imprint in your heart… You and thousands of others all loved it but…someone else thought it was crap! Only then can you start to understand that it’s not just you… every author has that one person’s opinion.

Published by itsclastevofficial

Award-winning romance author of contemporary romance in a women loving women scenario. Photographer, podcaster, Liverpool FC fanatic.

2 thoughts on “That twisted knife of self-doubt…

  1. Such good advice and it really does help in dealing with bad reviews. Think about it, someone actually called JK Rowling a “disgustingly bad writer” lol, like seriously sir? But that just proves what you said, “different strokes for different folks” Everything is not for everybody. Great post!


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