South Coast lesfic hang-out-hang-over

What happens when you bring 13 authors from around the UK (And Germany)…Two audio book narrators…a gaggle of helpers and a whole throng of readers together?

The South Coast Lesfic Hang-Out happens… that’s what!

Courtesy of Marie Keen

L-R Back Row: Emma Wallis, Wendy Hudson, A. E. Radley, Claire Highton-Stevenson, Lise Gold, Kiki Archer and Emma Nichols.

L-R Front Row: Kit Mallory, A. L. Brooks, Emma Sterner-Radley, Arizona Tape, Jenn Matthews and Kit Eyre. Not too shabby huh? Lambda, Bard and Goldie winners, and 3 of this years finalists, best sellers and all around fabulous human beings… and it cost readers nothing to attend!

We wanted to put on a simple, accessible, affordable and fun event. Somewhere readers could come along and interact with us, ask their questions, get photos and signed books, and still have money for the bus home later!

To be fair though, I was a little panicked as 9:30 came around and half the tables remained empty… but my mind was soon at ease as the really lovely and super glamorous, Kiki Archer, strolled in following a long drive down that very morning from the Midlands. A. L. brooks flew in from Frankfurt, Wendy Hudson braved the train down from Scotland.

It wasn’t long before every table was set up and with tea cups in hand we met our first visitors. Special mention must go to Miira, who flew in from Finland just to see us!

We had a loosely structured reading list that quite frankly everyone forgot about, but almost every 30 minutes the electrifying buzz of chatter and laughter would fall to a hush as someone braved it and got up on stage to read. We even had an informative chat about Audiobooks from Narrator Ana Clement and Facebook’s audio page owner, Beni Pardy.

And as the day drew to a close and the laughter and chatter died off, I can honestly say that I was sad that it was all over. Because, as with Ellcon last year, I felt a real lift of support and love from these amazing women that I share this stage with. These women are full of love, support and encouragement, and I cannot wait to work with them all again, soon!

If you’re a reader and you’d like more information on how to take part next year, then email me at and ask for your email to be added to the mailing list.

If you’re an author and would like to be kept up to date with information on taking part next year, then please email at

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