Escape and Freedom

Two women escaping their own demons. One stuck in the past, the other a very real present. 
Lucy Owens’ life was irrevocably changed in a matter of seconds. Life as she knew it was over in the blink of an eye. Moving away from all that she knew, Lucy now lives a solitary life in her cabin on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Filled with guilt and pain, she keeps herself to herself, and for years she manages to avoid immersing back into society. 
Nicole Granger has three small children to worry about. Always looking over her shoulder, they arrive at the lake with very little to call their own. Haunted by years of physical abuse, she longs to belong again, to bring normality to her girls’ lives for the first time. 
Both women are pulled towards one another in an attraction that could bring both of them their freedom.

Narrated by Sarah Sampino

Life as an actress has provided Sarah with invaluable knowledge and self discovery. For example, she now knows how difficult it is to ride a horse sidesaddle in Amish skirts. On the occasion that Sarah is not being actor-y, she can be found procrastinating everything by burying her face into a fantasy novel.

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