The Doll Maker

A body turns up in a field. She’s blonde and her eyes have been gouged out. DI Sophie Whitton knows it’s him – The man the press has dubbed: The doll maker. Whitton and her team must act fast if they are to stop anyone else falling victim to the doll maker.
With an innate need to seek the truth and find justice for the dead, DI Whitton risks losing it all, including her long-term relationship with live-in lover, Yvonne, as she strives to find a killer, and maybe even herself along the way.

Narrated by Fiona Thraille

Fiona Thraille is a narrator, actor and audio producer based in the UK.
She studied Drama at the University of Wales, and worked in adult education for several years before returning to performance. She has so far recorded over 15 audio books via Audible, and children’s stories for Paragon.

She is also involved in podcasting, founding Dashing Onions Audio podcast. She was a co-host and producer of the Audio Drama Production Podcast, and has given lectures and presentations on aspects of audio drama podcast creation.  

She also enjoys theatre, films, making things and growing plants.

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