International Women’s day!

I want to shout out Happy International Women’s day like everyone else, but to be honest.. I’m not happy about it!

Women’s day!

I think about that a lot, that we still need a ‘day’ for so many issues that really, by now, shouldn’t require any special announcement of existence. It’s 2019 and still women are having to prove something. Gay women, Black women, Trans women!

In my everyday life, I don’t have to prove anything. Not to my friends, colleagues or anyone that I interact with daily. I am happy and respected. But I appreciate that around the world, and even here where I live, that other women are struggling. So, I’m not happy about that!

In the news today, a woman is jailed for 11 years for forcing FGM on her child.

There is a woman still in jail in Iran for absolutely nothing. Three years so far.

Female barber asked when is her dad returning!

Women gang raped in India!

Child brides in America!

Women around the world are subjected to sexual assault, rape and intimidation and I cannot be happy about it! Seriously, what is it going to take to get through to people that we deserve better?!!

For every one of my male friends and family who post wonderful pictures of the women in their life, along with beautiful stories about how inspirational they are, there are more men out there who are persecuting, tormenting and hurting us!

Men in power! Men you have the voice and the opportunity to change those laws and ignore those religious bindings, but they choose not to. They want the handmaids tale. And I am not happy about it!

So, to my fellow women. Those born rich or poor, black or white, gay, straight and all that’s in-between. Those born in the right body or the wrong body and trying desperately to fix it. To all those women out there who live in fear, who fight daily just to get a fair crack of the whip! To women exploited and beaten. Those who are successful and strive for the top, breaking those molds and cracking those ceilings!

To all of you, I salute you! But I’m still not bloody happy about it!

Joker: My view

Those that know me, know that I frequent the cinema quite often. I love action movies; Fast and furious, Star wars, and all of the superhero films. However, I have never really been a fan of Batman and so I have no real knowledge of it other than what I remember from the TV shows of my youth.

And I recall the Joker, I think Jack Nicholson played him in the last film that I saw, but I don’t really remember much about him. So, I went to see the Joker last night with no real idea of what I was going to see. Was it a superhero spin off with lots of fight scenes and chases… was it going to be comedic explosions and Pow flashed up on the screen…or was it going to blow my mind!

Joaquin Phoenix is an actor I know very little about. He had a famous brother called River, that’s about my knowledge of him. His performance as the Joker is, in my mind, and I think also of many of my friends who have seen this masterpiece…. was epic! If he doesn’t win every award there is to be won, then its a travesty!

And my American friends who are being scared into staying home and avoiding seeing this… don’t fall for it! There is a message here that you all need to hear. They don’t want you to watch it, they don’t want you to see it how it really is.. because when you watch this and you understand what you are seeing is real… its happening, then maybe, just maybe you might start thinking differently about the people that run the world from their ivory towers.

We have all seen a Joker.

We all walk past them on the streets.

The people in this world who are damaged. The people who are pushed aside as nobodies, ridiculed, abused. People who need medication, but either can’t afford it or have fallen through the system and now they are just doing all they can to survive their trauma. We all see them, and yet, we all walk by and pretend we don’t. And then we cry outrage when a mentally unstable person is pushed to their limits by the unjust, unfair and unnecessary way they are treated by society. When one of them finally steps out of line and acts on the impulses they have been trying to suppress. We all scream how did it happen? We all know how it happens!!

Volatile people are scary, I do get it. But the system is letting them, and us, all down. We might not be able to help these people ourselves on a personal level, but we can insist that our politicians start providing better care for them. Because any one of us is capable of being pushed to our limits. We can give just a moment of our time. We can share what we have with those who have nothing, cos trust me, they would share with you if you needed it. But its bigger than us. Its not about the poor helping the poorer… there are people in this world who have far more than they could ever need and they want more! Greed is the biggest problem this world has. And they convince us that we are the problem, that people worse off than us are the issue when all they have to do is stop being so damn greedy and share just a tiny fraction of what they have.

Open your eyes to it. It isn’t the immigrant with nothing more than a suitcase to call their own. It isn’t the man sleeping in’a doorway who smells funky and talks to himself. Its not the kid who is selling her body to pay for crack to numb the pain of an abusive childhood. It isn’t the person of colour. It isn’t the gays, the gender queer or the trans…it’s none of those people, its the system. The system isn’t broken, its just not made to work for us. It’s set up to work for the greedy.

We can do better, can’t we?

New Books Eve

There is something rather weird about the eve of a new book release. That mix of excitement and nervousness battling for dominance. It doesn’t matter how prepared you are, or how much work you have put into it, you know that there will be those who love it, and those who don’t.

So, every time this night comes around, I try to focus only on the positive. That I am privileged to be able to do this. That it’s okay if someone doesn’t like it because its always the case that many more will love it.

And if its not my biggest hit, then it just means someone else is having a great release and absolutely support all of my fellow authors in this community.

When I wake up in the morning, I will have published my 9th book, In Dyer Need. In little over 2 years I will have accomplished something that I never dreamed I would do.

If you buy my book, Thank you! If you read it on Kindle unlimited, Thank you! If you review it, good or bad, Thank you!

I’ll be here again for number 10!

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Andrea Fielding is a woman who is looking for love and finding it in all the wrong places.

When the worst happens and the world changes dramatically around them, will Andrea finally see what’s been right in front of her all along?

On the road, together with a group of people that includes Andrea’s ex, Dutch Foreign Minister Marja Stegenga, they must try to reach the safety of HQ at the other end of the country.

For Ren Dyer, it is simple: keep her safe.

For Andrea Fielding, it’s anything but…

As protocols shift and rules go out the window, will Ren see there is more to life than work, and will Andrea finally find the love she is searching for?

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Events and me…

I have two events coming up. One is local to me and is more about authors in general from all genres and I will blog about that later, but in November I will be attending one that is much closer to my heart. Weston-Super-Lesfic-2019.

You might remember back in May, that I set up the SCLHO in Crawley? A free event for readers to attend, and the hope was, that it would inspire others to take up the mantle and set up their own events so that readers around the country would be able to take part. And that is exactly what my fellow author, Jenn Matthews has done.

On November 16th in Weston Super Mare, we will be gathering to once again bring authors, narrators, cover designers and even editors, all together so that you, the Reader, can come along and meet us. You’ll be able to ask those burning questions you all have about how, when and why we get a book to its finished product. You can fangirl with your favourite writers, get books signed and meet loads of other like minded people.

And best of all… its still all free! No ticket required. Just turn up on the day and join in the fun.

And the winner is…

I am still in a little disbelief. The Promise won a Goldie at this years G.C.L.S awards.

Months go by and you try to put it out of your head. Which is pretty simple when you’re a writer with a lot of work to do, but then one morning you wake up and theirs a list of potential books that might become finalists… and your name is on it!

The dream starts to become real…but you keep working, try and ignore the possibility, until one morning the finalists are announced…and you name is on it!!

I wanted to go to Pittsburgh and be there, but it was just not possible right now and so I had the anguish of having to go to bed, with the awards taking place during the night. My fellow author, Lise Gold, offered to bring it home for me if i were to be that lucky.

So, you can imagine how exciting it was, when I woke up needing the loo at 2am, to find I’d gone and bloody won!!

I am so grateful. To Michelle for editing. For the people who bought and reviewed it, loving it as much as i do… for the judging panel who saw a self-published book and went with it anyway! For my colleagues who no matter what, always lift each other up and push each other forward. Its been a blast these past two years. I can’t wait to see what the future brings from here, but no matter what, I can honestly say Award winning author sounds pretty damn good!

Cover reveal! New Book!

If you’re on my mailing list then you will already have had the heads up on this! My next book is Leaving Bree. A friends to lovers novella. If you want to be on my mailing list and get a sample of the book before its published, then head over to http://www.itsclastevofficial.co.uk

Dr Bree Parker has never had a care in the world… until Gaston Roget sets his sights on her. Looking for a safe haven from her stalker, she finds herself hiding out in the morgue, where she finds a shoulder to cry on in Dr Morgan Jennings.

They became fast friends, and the line between friendship and the opportunity for something more is often blurred and ignored. That is, until Bree announces she’s pregnant and getting married.

Devastated, Morgan finally acknowledges her feelings for her friend. Unable to stand by and watch her marry Tony, she sends Bree a letter explaining that she’s leaving town, but if Bree loves her, then she should stop her from leaving.

Bree doesn’t turn up, and Morgan takes the plane.

Morgan finds herself now in a cabin on the shore of the lake, looking out onto the mountains. She meets local yoga instructor, Maggie, and in her arms she has the chance to love again. But leaving Bree is more difficult than she thought. Especially when circumstance keeps bringing her home to LA.

Back to Bree.

Will there be a chance for them to reconcile? Or will Morgan return to the mountains, leaving Bree forever?