Cam Thomas Story


We’re all on our own path in life. Cam Thomas is no different. The twists and turns in the road have left her hurt and heartbroken in London, betrayed by those she loved most.
But fate has many ways of turning things on their head.
She arrives in LA a new person and sets about making a new life for herself, one that won’t break her heart again. Haunted by the past, she lives by a set of rules that allow her to live life in the moment. Rules that keep her heart safe.

Until that fateful night when every rule she lived by changes in a heartbeat.
Now she must figure out a way to navigate her new path, with hope and maybe, just maybe, love by her side.

Michelle Hamilton spends her life pretending to be someone else, quite literally. Her working name is Shelley Hamlin, A-list TV actress, and movie star. She’s so far in the closet, she’s in Narnia, but temptation comes to us all in the end. Venturing to the best, biggest and newest gay bay in LA, Michelle finds herself drawn to the hot blonde behind the bar, will one kiss bring everything crashing down?


Camryn Thomas and Michelle Hamilton have finally got their lives heading in the right direction.


But even when you’re happy, life will throw up some curve balls.

How will they deal with the idea of Michelle coming out?

And what will happen when they discover not everybody is happy about their relationship?

Get ready to find out what happens ‘Next!’

This is the follow up to Out: A Cam Thomas Story

Yes: A Cam Thomas Story

Camryn Thomas and Michelle Hamilton are getting married!

Life couldn’t get any better, could it?

But what happens when Michelle insists it’s London that she wants to honeymoon in and not the private island Cam had planned?

Old faces return, but will it all be good news?

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