Dyer Files

In Dyer Need: The First Chapter

The latest Romance from Claire Highton-Stevenson

Ren Dyer is at the pinnacle of her career. Newly appointed as head of the protection team for Home Secretary Andrea Fielding, she is a woman focused only on her job.
Andrea Fielding is a woman who is looking for love and finding it in all the wrong places.
When the worst happens and the world changes dramatically around them, will Andrea finally see what’s been right in front of her all along?
On the road, together with a group of people that includes Andrea’s ex, Dutch Foreign Minister Marja Stegenga, they must try to reach the safety of HQ at the other end of the country.
For Ren Dyer, it is simple: keep her safe.
For Andrea Fielding, it’s anything but…
As protocols shift and rules go out the window, will Ren see there is more to life than work, and will Andrea finally find the love she is searching for?

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