Reader Zone

Meet my super fans!!

Each month one of them will be randomly picked to win a signed book!! Wanna be in the draw and on the wall of reader fame? Just email your picture and tell me why it is that you love my books!


I love your books, especially ‘Forget it and ‘Escape & Freedom’. I like the way you build a plot and romance, but there is always a little hick up in romance that means it is not plain sailing. Your love scenes are very good too. I read a lot of lesbian romance books and some just jump from one plot to another with no flow in between. You make sure of your continuity, which I find important, that and a happy ending. Keep up the good work.


I have listened to both ‘Escape and freedom’ and ‘The Doll Maker’. I found both to be very well written telling a story I could easily paint in my mind as I listened. The stories kept me fully engaged and I’d lose track of time. My next book will be ‘Forget It’ which I hope to begin in the next week. I am looking forward to getting lost in the story and characters.


I love your books because they have a deep meaning behind every book the way you write I can feel every emotion of the characters it’s like a magnet that just keeps pulling you in I can’t put the books down.


Why I love your books?
I get lost in them,nothing else around me matters. While am reading one of your books its
Rollercoaster of different emotions.
And so true to life.


I read Claire’s first book on June 17, 2018. Cam’s story was my intro to
WLW stories. Reading it opened up a place in my heart that gave me freedom
to embrace me. Her writing continues to move me. I have opened into the
murder mystery- end times kind of stories because tell such a good story


All of your books are really well written and great stories with endearing, relatable characters.


So enjoyed the level of details you put into your books and how alive you make the characters and scenes.


I have loved your books from the first one I read. I love the intense lesbian drama.

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