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The monthly All Author book cover contest begins today! Please take a look and vote for The Promise!! I create all my book covers myself and it would be so cool to get The Promise some further recognition following some of the fantastic reviews that it has already received. There is no sign-up, nothing difficult, just click on the link and hit vote! that’s all you have to do!

Thanks so much for the continued support!

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I forget that I am an adult…

Sometimes I forget I am an adult.

It gets to ‘bedtime’ and I start to think I should switch everything off and go to bed, but I’m in the middle of doing something…I forget I am an adult, I can stay up if I want to.

Far too often I am waiting for someone else to give me permission to do something, just like when I was a kid and had to get my mum’s say so, or the go-ahead from dad. But I am an adult now and I forget that I don’t need permission.

I can get up when I want to, go to the cinema when I want to, eat what I want and have the people I choose to have in my life… sometimes I just need to remind myself of that.

So, when I am up till 3am writing, its cos I can, Cos I am an adult that can make my own decisions.

Until I am ill… then I don’t29542791_2039524019668972_8084621711104685672_n want to be an adult anymore…


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I am back…. I think!

Gosh, where does the time go!..

I took a little break over Christmas and New year… and then I ended up going away for some R&R in the sunshine…

However, I was at least working during this time! My next book, The Promise, is almost ready to be published. I’m excitedly nervous as always.

I have also completed my first draft of another WIP. I wanted to push myself and try writing something I didn’t think I could do. So, I don’t know yet whether it will ever see the light of day haha, writing a detective novel is a lot different to what I am usually drawn to.

And, I have started back on the third book in the Cam Thomas Series. I love the Cam universe, I feel very much at home there with them both. Lots will be going on in YES.

Cam and Michelle will be visiting London…

Music to write to..

CSP_4555So, I don’t mean music that you listen to that helps you get writing, but the music you put to your novel. Like a soundtrack. When I think of my characters and how I am going to write the scene, I often see it in my head like a movie and in those moments when the dialogue has finished then I hear a soundtrack.

I know several writers that, like me, have certain songs that fit their characters and the novel they have written.

Here’s a few I have in my Cam Thomas Playlist.

Blink 182 – Los Angeles

Shwayze – Love is overrated

Judie Tzuke – Stay with me till dawn