Cover reveal! New Book!

If you’re on my mailing list then you will already have had the heads up on this! My next book is Leaving Bree. A friends to lovers novella. If you want to be on my mailing list and get a sample of the book before its published, then head over to

Dr Bree Parker has never had a care in the world… until Gaston Roget sets his sights on her. Looking for a safe haven from her stalker, she finds herself hiding out in the morgue, where she finds a shoulder to cry on in Dr Morgan Jennings.

They became fast friends, and the line between friendship and the opportunity for something more is often blurred and ignored. That is, until Bree announces she’s pregnant and getting married.

Devastated, Morgan finally acknowledges her feelings for her friend. Unable to stand by and watch her marry Tony, she sends Bree a letter explaining that she’s leaving town, but if Bree loves her, then she should stop her from leaving.

Bree doesn’t turn up, and Morgan takes the plane.

Morgan finds herself now in a cabin on the shore of the lake, looking out onto the mountains. She meets local yoga instructor, Maggie, and in her arms she has the chance to love again. But leaving Bree is more difficult than she thought. Especially when circumstance keeps bringing her home to LA.

Back to Bree.

Will there be a chance for them to reconcile? Or will Morgan return to the mountains, leaving Bree forever?

International Women’s day!

I want to shout out Happy International Women’s day like everyone else, but to be honest.. I’m not happy about it!

Women’s day!

I think about that a lot, that we still need a ‘day’ for so many issues that really, by now, shouldn’t require any special announcement of existence. It’s 2019 and still women are having to prove something. Gay women, Black women, Trans women!

In my everyday life, I don’t have to prove anything. Not to my friends, colleagues or anyone that I interact with daily. I am happy and respected. But I appreciate that around the world, and even here where I live, that other women are struggling. So, I’m not happy about that!

In the news today, a woman is jailed for 11 years for forcing FGM on her child.

There is a woman still in jail in Iran for absolutely nothing. Three years so far.

Female barber asked when is her dad returning!

Women gang raped in India!

Child brides in America!

Women around the world are subjected to sexual assault, rape and intimidation and I cannot be happy about it! Seriously, what is it going to take to get through to people that we deserve better?!!

For every one of my male friends and family who post wonderful pictures of the women in their life, along with beautiful stories about how inspirational they are, there are more men out there who are persecuting, tormenting and hurting us!

Men in power! Men you have the voice and the opportunity to change those laws and ignore those religious bindings, but they choose not to. They want the handmaids tale. And I am not happy about it!

So, to my fellow women. Those born rich or poor, black or white, gay, straight and all that’s in-between. Those born in the right body or the wrong body and trying desperately to fix it. To all those women out there who live in fear, who fight daily just to get a fair crack of the whip! To women exploited and beaten. Those who are successful and strive for the top, breaking those molds and cracking those ceilings!

To all of you, I salute you! But I’m still not bloody happy about it!

Realising, I am not a moron!

You ever try and do something and everyone around you is doing it, and you just cant get it? That was me… this past year, all i kept reading about was AMS ads… So, I looked at it and then closed the page. My brain just wasn’t built for that!

I kept coming back to it because I kept hearing people talking about it. But still, the old noggin was far from impressed and refused to even attempt to work it out. So, I listened and read when anyone brought it up, but it was always technical…or in some cases, downright vague, like they didn’t want to let you into the secret. Many people tried to be helpful and explain it, but because I felt stupid in asking what I thought was basic stuff, my questions went unanswered.
All these words that didn’t make any sense to me and in many ways, they still don’t, just floated about in threads between people that got it.

Sales were dropping and page reads were decreasing. I was pretty much in full panic mode thinking nobody likes my books, when I saw the topic come up again, this time I bit the bullet. So what if I am a thickie when it comes to techy stuff, I’m going to bloody learn if it kills me and my brain explodes!

So, I asked the questions, in as simple terms as I could and ya know what? I got the answers back in the same way! Without judgement, without feeling thick. I know now that most things are trial and error, but I also know where I was making those errors!

So people, ask those questions! Cos someone will help and YOU will discover, ya not thick!

A massive thank you to those authors out there who continually put themselves forward to help others… YOU are what makes this community so great!