Be a little kinder.

Can we just stop being so unkind and hateful to one another. Not everyone is you, not everyone thinks the things you do, not everyone wants to live the same life you do!

Some people are Bi, get over it. Some people are Trans, get over it. Some people want to live in all kinds of different relationships, get over it. Gold Star Lesbians are not top of the pile! We fought for equality, not another round of arguments over which of us is more a lesbian than the other. Get over it!

It isn’t for any of us to dictate how others live their lives. Being a lesbian doesn’t mean you can call men rapists! That’s just sick. There are people out there who truly understand the impact of that statement and you throwing it around as an insult at anyone that doesn’t agree with you is just disgusting.

The LGBTQ+ community has enough shit to deal with, without our own throwing the muck! Get over yourselves!

We live in a world where we can be kind or we can be cruel. I know which kind of person I am and who it is that I want to hang out with… its not you!!! Its never you!

Ask me anything!

Tomorrow I will be on the Writers Block! You can come along and ask me pretty much anything, whether I answer though… 😉

If you’re in the UK its around 4pm. US CDT 11am!! See you there!!

G.C.L.S Shortlisted….

I almost forgot in all the excitement of hitting number one and then the success of the S.C.L.H.O at the weekend.

Last year, I entered my book, The Promise, into the G.C.L.S goldie awards because Annette Mori read it and told me I had to…Now, I am not usually one for these kinds of things but… The Promise is a book that I hold dear. I wrote it for my parents, both of whom are no longer with me and our family. Its not about them, Ali and Susan’s story is very different, but it was written for them… my little nod to their love story and how my Dad’s death from Cancer impacted my mother’s life.

So, I have no idea how these things work and I thought that the shortlisted finalists had already been announced, I checked the website weeks ago and didn’t find my name so, I sighed audibly and made another cup of coffee and brushed it all off with an ‘Oh well never mind’… Imagine then my surprise when I am awoken at 3.30 am by my phone beeping. Bleary-eyed i reach out for the phone and flick the screen on, blinded momentarily by the bright light. I see an email, sleepily I open it, read through it quickly and think… Oops someone sent it to the wrong person.

And I promptly went back to sleep.

In the morning, I woke with that funny feeling like you’ve dreamt something so real, you have to check it out. I picked up my phone and sure enough, the email was real and it said Congratulations!!

My little heart started beating more rapidly and I quickly found the website and there it was… Lesbian Romance (Short Novel) The Promise by Claire Highton-Stevenson.

So, I’ve no idea if it will win. Its up against some wonderful writers and books, but I’m going to really hope for this one. If I never win another award in my lifetime, but this, I will be happy.

Many thanks to all of you who have dared to read it. I know its emotive, it makes you cry and then smile. It will always be my favourite book.

The Promise is available here…

South Coast lesfic hang-out-hang-over

What happens when you bring 13 authors from around the UK (And Germany)…Two audio book narrators…a gaggle of helpers and a whole throng of readers together?

The South Coast Lesfic Hang-Out happens… that’s what!

Courtesy of Marie Keen

L-R Back Row: Emma Wallis, Wendy Hudson, A. E. Radley, Claire Highton-Stevenson, Lise Gold, Kiki Archer and Emma Nichols.

L-R Front Row: Kit Mallory, A. L. Brooks, Emma Sterner-Radley, Arizona Tape, Jenn Matthews and Kit Eyre. Not too shabby huh? Lambda, Bard and Goldie winners, and 3 of this years finalists, best sellers and all around fabulous human beings… and it cost readers nothing to attend!

We wanted to put on a simple, accessible, affordable and fun event. Somewhere readers could come along and interact with us, ask their questions, get photos and signed books, and still have money for the bus home later!

To be fair though, I was a little panicked as 9:30 came around and half the tables remained empty… but my mind was soon at ease as the really lovely and super glamorous, Kiki Archer, strolled in following a long drive down that very morning from the Midlands. A. L. brooks flew in from Frankfurt, Wendy Hudson braved the train down from Scotland.

It wasn’t long before every table was set up and with tea cups in hand we met our first visitors. Special mention must go to Miira, who flew in from Finland just to see us!

We had a loosely structured reading list that quite frankly everyone forgot about, but almost every 30 minutes the electrifying buzz of chatter and laughter would fall to a hush as someone braved it and got up on stage to read. We even had an informative chat about Audiobooks from Narrator Ana Clement and Facebook’s audio page owner, Beni Pardy.

And as the day drew to a close and the laughter and chatter died off, I can honestly say that I was sad that it was all over. Because, as with Ellcon last year, I felt a real lift of support and love from these amazing women that I share this stage with. These women are full of love, support and encouragement, and I cannot wait to work with them all again, soon!

If you’re a reader and you’d like more information on how to take part next year, then email me at and ask for your email to be added to the mailing list.

If you’re an author and would like to be kept up to date with information on taking part next year, then please email at