Muddled words…

So, I am reading fanfic mainly at the moment. Its easy reading and just what I need while I am trying to write my stories. I’ve noticed something that reoccurs quite a lot though and it got me thinking about things… Do we write more in the style of how we speak and what we hear, rather than the actual way that we are supposed to write, and is there anything wrong with that.

When I read the wrong word, my first instinct is its just a typo and I can gloss over it with little concern. I understood the word the writer meant to use and it doesn’t lessen the story for me. However, I recently read three words in various stories by various authors (one a published author) and noticed they weren’t typos as they reappeared in various forms.

Shutter and Shuttered, when the word should be Shudder and Shuddered.

Mettled and Mettle, when the word should be Meddled and Meddle.

Drug, when the word should be dragged.

cropped-alphabet-1.jpgI know that there are several words in English that don’t translate to US English, like Leant. But that’s not what this is…This feels for me more like the writer is using words in the way they heard them. Of course, they pass the spell checker because they are real words and most likely, Fanfic, isn’t being edited often.

So, my question is… does this bother you as a reader or are we moving into an age where writing stories are just like a text message? Language is evolving and meanings are changing.

I’m not a literary snob. I use text spiel often, so I’m quite open to an evolving language, but I can’t quite get my head around wrong words!


The Doll Maker

My next venture into the world of self-publishing will see me release my first murder mystery!

I’ve always been a fan of them and read them voraciously for years, never assuming that I could actually write one. They are quite different from the usual romance genre that I love. But, I challenged myself to give it a go and I think I’ve done a pretty good job of it (if my beta readers have told me the truth 🙂 )

So, in the coming weeks, I will be introducing D.I. Sophie Whitton as she prepares to find The Doll Maker.

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Lazy days and sunny rays

So, as I lie in my bed; laptop actually on my lap, gazing out of the window at the clouds drifting in across the bay of Naples, I realise that I am ready to come home.

It’s been lovely. I have spent time relaxing, sunning myself and eating far too much. I even managed to get some writing done and make friends with some of the loveliest and funniest people. I don’t think any of us will forget last night in a hurry!! 😉

But as much as I love Gelato, G&Ts on the terrace and pizza bigger than my head, I miss the cats, my friends and waking up in my own bed. I miss sitting in my office and listening to the birds and the distant hum of traffic.

 I have a busy few weeks coming up. Weddings and Children’s parties along with getting two books ready to publish, it is going to be manic, so these two weeks of summertime bliss have been perfect.

For anyone interested. We stayed at the Don Pedro, on Ischia Island. It’s wonderful and a writers dream. Imagine an Agatha Christie murder mystery and you’re halfway there! Its quaint and traditional, family run and bursting with characters everywhere you look. English, Germans and Italians mainly, it’s been vibrant and a little noisy at times but such fun.

And did I mention thermal pool? Where the water is heated by the lava from the volcano and pumped into the pool, making it warm and inviting even when the clouds roll in!

We overlook the little harbour that’s often filled with SuperYachts. Where the restaurant tables and chairs are often flooded as each boat comes into dock. You take your life in your hands anytime you need to cross a road. The aggressive Italian driver is real! 🙂 The shuttle bus from town to the hotel has to be one of the best and scariest experiences of my life! They stop for no one! Every car has a dent or scrape. Health & Safety? Doesn’t exist! Its been somewhat refreshing in every way.

But, tomorrow we have to back up at 5a.m. to take the ferry to Naples and then the Plane home. I’ll be grouchy and tired and I can’t wait!


Book Cover Contest!! Vote for me!!

The monthly All Author book cover contest begins today! Please take a look and vote for The Promise!! I create all my book covers myself and it would be so cool to get The Promise some further recognition following some of the fantastic reviews that it has already received. There is no sign-up, nothing difficult, just click on the link and hit vote! that’s all you have to do!

Thanks so much for the continued support!

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