Best seller!

Wow, what a week I had.

When I publish a book, it genuinely is with the expectation that nobody will read it. I mean, its ridiculous, but that’s where my head is at by the time I finally hit the button that sends it out into the world! So, you can imagine how confidence building it is to find my book sitting at number one in the Lesbian Romance and Lesbian Fiction Charts!

I’ve had a number one before, with the Doll Maker, in the smaller category of Lesbian mystery, but the biggie for me as a romance writer has always been the Romance and Fiction Charts. So, chuffed to say the least!

Many thanks to all of you who have bought it, downloaded it or read on KU. Whether you liked it, hated it or where indifferent, I still appreciate that you picked up my book and gave it a go!

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