Cover reveal! New Book!

If you’re on my mailing list then you will already have had the heads up on this! My next book is Leaving Bree. A friends to lovers novella. If you want to be on my mailing list and get a sample of the book before its published, then head over to

Dr Bree Parker has never had a care in the world… until Gaston Roget sets his sights on her. Looking for a safe haven from her stalker, she finds herself hiding out in the morgue, where she finds a shoulder to cry on in Dr Morgan Jennings.

They became fast friends, and the line between friendship and the opportunity for something more is often blurred and ignored. That is, until Bree announces she’s pregnant and getting married.

Devastated, Morgan finally acknowledges her feelings for her friend. Unable to stand by and watch her marry Tony, she sends Bree a letter explaining that she’s leaving town, but if Bree loves her, then she should stop her from leaving.

Bree doesn’t turn up, and Morgan takes the plane.

Morgan finds herself now in a cabin on the shore of the lake, looking out onto the mountains. She meets local yoga instructor, Maggie, and in her arms she has the chance to love again. But leaving Bree is more difficult than she thought. Especially when circumstance keeps bringing her home to LA.

Back to Bree.

Will there be a chance for them to reconcile? Or will Morgan return to the mountains, leaving Bree forever?

International Women’s day!

I want to shout out Happy International Women’s day like everyone else, but to be honest.. I’m not happy about it!

Women’s day!

I think about that a lot, that we still need a ‘day’ for so many issues that really, by now, shouldn’t require any special announcement of existence. It’s 2019 and still women are having to prove something. Gay women, Black women, Trans women!

In my everyday life, I don’t have to prove anything. Not to my friends, colleagues or anyone that I interact with daily. I am happy and respected. But I appreciate that around the world, and even here where I live, that other women are struggling. So, I’m not happy about that!

In the news today, a woman is jailed for 11 years for forcing FGM on her child.

There is a woman still in jail in Iran for absolutely nothing. Three years so far.

Female barber asked when is her dad returning!

Women gang raped in India!

Child brides in America!

Women around the world are subjected to sexual assault, rape and intimidation and I cannot be happy about it! Seriously, what is it going to take to get through to people that we deserve better?!!

For every one of my male friends and family who post wonderful pictures of the women in their life, along with beautiful stories about how inspirational they are, there are more men out there who are persecuting, tormenting and hurting us!

Men in power! Men you have the voice and the opportunity to change those laws and ignore those religious bindings, but they choose not to. They want the handmaids tale. And I am not happy about it!

So, to my fellow women. Those born rich or poor, black or white, gay, straight and all that’s in-between. Those born in the right body or the wrong body and trying desperately to fix it. To all those women out there who live in fear, who fight daily just to get a fair crack of the whip! To women exploited and beaten. Those who are successful and strive for the top, breaking those molds and cracking those ceilings!

To all of you, I salute you! But I’m still not bloody happy about it!

Happy New Year

Thought I’d give it a couple of days before finding my way over here, let you all deal with the hangovers first!!

It was a quiet one for me (I say that as though any other year is different!!, Its not haha) I managed to stay up past midnight this time though, so that was promising! 

For me, the idea of a New Year isn’t that special. 

I don’t need a new year to start a new day!

I remember, as a much younger woman, the excitement of getting dressed up and going out, meeting all my friends and pretty much drinking out own weight in vodka before strolling home in the early hours. It was a bonus if you didn’t vomit. But it was only ever about the party, my friends, dancing.

A New Year is apparently the new start we’ve all been waiting for, its a chance to draw a line for a lot of people and start a fresh idea. That’s never worked for me, for me, its always just been the next day. Many next days throughout my life have been wasted, many have been the day of change. My life revolves around every day being another day I’m still here, another day I’m moving forward, getting better, doing more.

Of course, many days revolve around doing nothing, sitting back, chilling and relaxing, watching the world go by. These days are just as valuable as any other.

So far, January has been good for me. I moved my office back into the house and since doing so, I am writing properly again. I’ve got a new book I am developing and hope to have out early Spring. It’s another romance!

As much fun as it was writing The Doll Maker, I really am a romance girl at heart so I might come back to Whitton if there is enough interest, but next up will be Catherine and Brooke, in a work based romance.

Muddled words…

So, I am reading fanfic mainly at the moment. Its easy reading and just what I need while I am trying to write my stories. I’ve noticed something that reoccurs quite a lot though and it got me thinking about things… Do we write more in the style of how we speak and what we hear, rather than the actual way that we are supposed to write, and is there anything wrong with that.

When I read the wrong word, my first instinct is its just a typo and I can gloss over it with little concern. I understood the word the writer meant to use and it doesn’t lessen the story for me. However, I recently read three words in various stories by various authors (one a published author) and noticed they weren’t typos as they reappeared in various forms.

Shutter and Shuttered, when the word should be Shudder and Shuddered.

Mettled and Mettle, when the word should be Meddled and Meddle.

Drug, when the word should be dragged.

cropped-alphabet-1.jpgI know that there are several words in English that don’t translate to US English, like Leant. But that’s not what this is…This feels for me more like the writer is using words in the way they heard them. Of course, they pass the spell checker because they are real words and most likely, Fanfic, isn’t being edited often.

So, my question is… does this bother you as a reader or are we moving into an age where writing stories are just like a text message? Language is evolving and meanings are changing.

I’m not a literary snob. I use text spiel often, so I’m quite open to an evolving language, but I can’t quite get my head around wrong words!


Blog Hop-Writing my first novel!

I never set out to write a novel. I’d been reading fanfic and fancied giving it a go but I didn’t think I could do justice to the characters. (Jane and Maura from Rizzoli & Isles.)

So, I did the next best thing and wrote out the What if story that had been floating about in my head for months as I drove around the Southern part of the UK delivering blood. I had a broken leg and was bored just sitting around with my leg stuck up in the air, so I grabbed my laptop and started to write it out. If anything, it took my mind off the boredom.

I thought, like most things in my life, that I’d get bored about 20 minutes in, but no! It just kept flowing. All these words tumbled out of me and when I finally finished months later, I had this story in front of me and no idea what to do with it. So, it got left in a file on my laptop and forgotten about for a while because then I had this idea for another story. Before I knew it, I had several first draft stories written out. Full of mistakes, typos and terrible grammar, but still it was something! (that’s still the case today without the help of Michelle ArnoldOUT (1), my friend and fellow author who edits all my books for me.)

I then spent months debating with myself whether to put them out there for people to read. I knew I couldn’t ever publish them, not without someone reading them and fixing them, but what was the point of going to all that trouble if they were a load of rubbish anyway…So, eventually I plucked up the courage and I uploaded to one of those sites for free fiction. And people liked it!!

I re-wrote it and re-wrote it. And they still liked it!

Of course, every review started with a comment on the grammar issues and whatnot, but the consensus was that it was a good story. So, I uploaded some others and by the time I’d finished I had ten or more stories on that site and never got a bad review. So, I re-wrote it again before I let my friend Michelle read and yep, you guessed it… she pointed out the grammar, but then she said let me fix it!

Before I knew it, she had convinced me to publish it!

The most nerve-wracking thing I have ever done. Now, I have five books published and the sixth is coming very soon and I finally feel like I can officially call myself an author!

So, I say to anyone with an idea in their head… Give it a go!!

This post is part of the WLW Author Blog Hop Series entitled Writing my first novel each blog post will link to another author so you can discover more about how they wrote their first novel.

Learn how Kit Eyre’s attitude to office politics and procedures resulted in But By Degrees becoming her first published novel. Kit Eyre is an author with a proclivity for Yorkshire women (despite her wife being a Lancastrian). She likes her romance with a huge dollop of “something else” and has so far published two novels.